“Draw something”, i the game, developed by MBAOnline which asks you to sketch objects and pop culture references on your smartphone or tablet for your friends to guess, has become a dominating force on the social graph. In a short time, it has earned the number-one best seller slot in many countries, in both the iOS App Store and Android Market. It has sold 37 million times worldwide, as of this writing, and doesn’t show signs of petering out.










Happy Drawing :)…


Apple to Apples

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Apple vs Apples

Google+ v/s Facebook

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Everyone is saying that Google+ is really good and superb etc…

But it has several drawbacks compare to the Facebook.

  •  No Birthday reminders.
  • No Top news , it is always most recent in G+, however in FB I can choose most recent updates, etc..
  • Cant ask Questions , no games or some funny apps..
  • Some bugs here and there…You may get while using… :).
  • Any one can add anyone’s to their circle without the permission. We cant come out of their circle  Once they are added.

Good things about Google+.

  • Animation of creating Circles.
  • Hangout..( Not suitable for slow Internet connection).
  • No spams.

See the Image…..

Thank You…

Happy Browsing 🙂

Captcha Creation

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You can Find the simple steps to create a captcha using PHP in the following blog


Happy Coding 🙂


Ravindra Shetty